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Why you should always screen your freelancers

The best and worst interview questions to ask candidates

The truth about social media screening

Why you need to screen your potential hires

How AI is revolutionizing recruitment

Free Tenant Screening - Why it Could Sink Your Business


FREE TENANT SCREENING... IS NOT SO FREEYou could be liable for claims over $1,000,000

What Your Landlord Wants You to Know Before Renting


After scouring the Internet every hour on the hour, booking viewing appointments and touring a city for weeks on end, congrats! You’ve finally found the perfect (or near perfect) place in a great location to call home.

Fast Facts - 2 Bedroom Apartments in America

How Access to Credit Can Save the World?


It’s hard to believe that more than half of the world’s total adult population (an estimated 2 billionworking-age adults) – do not have an account at a formal financial institution and another billion just simply lack credit. Before starting

How to Screen Applicants Beyond the Credit Report: Part 2


Landlords and Property managers have a difficult mandate: find people that are reliable and fit well into the community. The traditional approach is 1. Fill out application 2. Meet applicant 3. (Maybe) Check references 4. (Maybe) Run Credit