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Background Checks for Retail | Why you need them!

Is this your hiring process? You receive applicant resumes and review them, schedule and conduct interviews to determine which ones fit your needs, and then finally, present the lucky person with an offer. That’s it, right? The applicant is then

New! Background Check Solution for Associations & Not-For-Profits

Our background checks and other human resources services are primarily geared toward companies and their constant pursuit of excellent employees. However, we are very much aware that our services can assist Associations and Not-For-Profits in

Avoid Bad Hires With Pre Employment Screening

One of the most important resources in any successful company or organization is human resources. It’s the people with the necessary talents and skills that keep your well-oiled machine going. The problem is, there are times when some of them

Certn: Growth Leaders Of Tomorrow

VICTORIA, B.C. April 14, 2020

Three Secrets to Hiring the Best Talent Even Amidst a Crisis

At the time of writing, the whole world is in the grip of a global pandemic that has forced entire countries into full lockdowns. This is not the time to cower, though. This is the time to show strength and perseverance - that we will push

Certn & Vanta Partner to Help Companies with SOC 2 Readiness

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The Background Check Process

  Background checks can be known as inconvenient. The long waits, the pointless trips to the RCMP station to complete your Criminal Record Check, etc. The hassle of getting a background check can be a determining factor if the candidate will

What Separates Great Managers from the Not-so-Great?


All managers go through ups and downs. With the ever-changing landscape in business, today managers must continue to improve and innovate on how they motivate their employees. We will focus on 4 keys to help you start your transition from being a

Qualities of the World’s Greatest Teams and How to Recreate Them

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