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Certn Named “Easiest to Use” and More by G2!

July 27th, 2022
3 min read

Certonians—all the talented, hard-working, and synergistic people here at Certn—put a lot of care into making our clients happy. At Certn, we help our clients conduct background checks that are fast, compliant, and convenient for their applicants to complete—all while offering excellent customer support. So when G2 named us a 2022 Summer Leader (and we won three additional badges to boot!), we were more than a little thrilled.

We’re happy that our clients enjoy using our background screening services. And so, without further ado, here’s a closer look at what they love most!

The Lowdown on Which G2 Badges We Won

Certn earned a leader badge, which means we’re one of the top background check providers listed on G2 (a list that includes approximately 147 different companies). Every quarter, G2 releases a grid report that shows where companies in our category stack up. All companies that reach the top quadrant of that grid earn a leader badge, meaning we’re in good company.

Best Background Check Company

However, the grid report and leader badge—while awesome—only tell part of the story. Along with them, G2 also awards badges to those with the highest satisfaction scores in specific categories. For us here at Certn, that means we earned three additional badges:

G2 leader badges

In short, we are the easiest to use, offer the easiest admin, and have the highest user adoption rate of any background check company. Period.

NPS Comparison Blog

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

Because we received these scores from people actually using our product, they provide terrific insights into what that experience is really like. For our clients, it means the following:

They Have a Background Screening Service That’s Easy to Use

The fact that we’re the easiest to use and provide the easiest admin makes for a powerful combo. As one of our reviewers put it: “I was able to understand how to use the website right away. Everything is very clear as there are not many clicks needed to make to get the whole check done - it is very efficient and quick.”

This makes a big difference for a few reasons:

  • It saves our clients time whenever they order a background check.
  • It means that billing and other admin tasks are simple and straightforward.
  • It makes it easier to train new hires to use the platform.

Taken as a whole, these efficiencies add up. They can save our clients a significant amount of time—especially when those advantages combine with the speed of our background checks. One of our reviewers even said: “We calculated that this process is 144x faster than our previous provider!”

Easiest Admin

Easiest To Use

When It’s Easy to Use, It’s Easier to Get a High Adoption Rate

For a solution to be effective, it needs to be one that the whole team feels comfortable using. And with Certn, that’s exactly what our clients get. In addition to winning badges for “Easiest to Use” and “Easiest Admin,” we also ranked first for user adoption. Which makes sense. When a product is easy to use, more people on your team are likely to use it.

For our clients, this means an easier time training staff on how to order background checks. As one of our reviewers noted, “The user interface is very simple which makes it easy for us to train managers and new HR staff on how to use the product...”

Highest User Adoption

They Get a Compliant and Cost-Effective Background Screening Service

While our badges are what we’re most proud of, the report also highlighted many other advantages our clients appreciate. Top among them is our commitment to compliance, (where we scored a 100% satisfaction rating), our price point (where we ranked #2), and the quality of our support (which received a satisfaction score of 96%).

As one of our reviewers said: “What we like best about Certn is the speed of service, innovative technology, easy to use dashboard, affordability and customer service.”


When G2 released its report, it noted that “100% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 100% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Certn at a rate of 96%.” That means a lot to us.

At Certn, our goal is to build trust in people. These badges from G2 demonstrate that commitment.

Curious to see it all for yourself? Book a demo and discover what makes us the background check provider clients actually love.

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