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Three Secrets to Hiring the Best Talent Even Amidst a Crisis

At the time of writing, the whole world is in the grip of a global pandemic that has forced entire countries into full lockdowns. This is not the time to cower, though. This is the time to show strength and perseverance - that we will push through and move on.

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You’ve come to a sharp bend in the road.  How do you accelerate out of it?
Diamonds are created under pressure. This can be the opportunity to hire the ideal employees your company needs.

In this post, we’re going to share with you three pivotal secrets that we use - as an industry leader in online employment screening - to find the best Talent, even amidst a global crisis.

Secret #1:  Attract the right talent

Leverage the crisis to show the true mettle of your company. Through strong employer branding, you’ll be able to highlight not just the safety of your workplace and its financial stability, but you will also be able to show how reliable and responsive you are in a time of adversity. In this way, you’ll attract the people who share the same values and priorities as your company.

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Secret #2: Hire the right recruiting team

Prioritizing health and safety might mean paring down your operations to a skeleton workforce. Or, you have asked your current employees to work remotely.
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t seek help elsewhere. This is when you need an in-house or external recruiter to do targeted reach-outs to amazing talent.  Believe us – they’re out there!  

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Secret #3: Prioritize the screening process

So, you’ve attracted great applicants. Now a focussed screening process is vital. You can perform all the necessary interviews via video chat and provide a user-friendly platform for those all-important background checks. Just keep in mind that the rapport on video is rarely comparable to live interaction. Take your time - you may have to engage in more than one interview per person.

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By the way, the secrets that we have just shared with you are also applicable in non-crisis circumstances. Regardless of the current global climate, Certn is here to assist you with all your online employment screening needs, with global background checks available within minutes.