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Why Background Checks are an Asset to Your Hiring Team

May 27th, 2021
3 min read

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The hiring process from beginning to end can be a long and difficult journey for both the candidate and the Human Resources (HR) department. It can take months to find the perfect candidate, and many companies don't want to waste precious time or resources recruiting a bad hire. In fact, according to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, a bad hire costs on average $17,000 per employee. Working with a trusted organization like Certn can help address problems like this. Having access to key insights by conducting a background check on a potential employee can help your hiring team make a decision that not only saves the company time and money, but provides peace of mind knowing that the new hire is a trustworthy individual.

In this blog, we will be highlighting three reasons why incorporating background screening into your hiring process can be a valuable asset to your team.

Increase time getting to know the candidate. Make the experience human. 

If there is anything that we have all learned from the last year of the global pandemic is that time is our most valuable asset and we can never get it back. The pandemic changed the way of life for 225 million people around the world who lost their jobs in 2020 and who were also restricted from in-person human experiences. Now more than ever, it’s important for HR professionals to adopt tools like background checks, helping to make the interview experience human again for qualified candidates. 

The future of tech recruiting is changing, especially with the rapid shift towards a more digital landscape. Companies are looking to stay competitive by moving toward automating their hiring processes. With more tools becoming available to hiring teams, it allows the process to become more efficient by giving hiring managers the time to get to know a potential employee more in-depth. Lakshmi Rengarajan, a workforce connection consultant states, “We think of connection through personal interaction, but the connection is something everyone experiences differently. Connection is being seen, heard, appreciated, and acknowledged.” 

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In our recent blog postGenZ: Why this Generation is Holding Employers Accountable, we outlined how candidates today are looking to be part of a work culture where they can feel safe, valued, and be appreciated by their employers. The less time your hiring team spends on manually conducting a background check on potential employees and focusing their efforts on building real connections, the better.  

Easy techprovides quick results that are easy to use and read. 

One of the myths surrounding background checks is that they are only intended for medium to large companies. At Certn, we recommend and encourage businesses of all sizes to take advantage of our affordable background screening options, as we’ve worked hard to make them accessible to anyone. Long gone are the days of waiting for hours for your candidate’s background screening results to come back and needing to worry about missing out on a great candidate. With Certn Lime, you’ll be able to receive a detailed background check report within 15 minutes or less after submitting your original application. Certn Lime has been able to help top tier businesses like WestJet, ATB Financial, and Lannick with their hiring processes by: 

  • Cutting Westjet’s background check costs by 50%
  • Reducing ATB Financial’s time to hire by 80%
  • Decreasing Lannick’s turnaround time by 35%

Companies often don't keep up with emerging trends in technology while they try to hire new talent - resulting in spending more time recruiting. Without access to quick results that reduce time during the hiring process, your company runs the risk of not hiring the right candidate for the job. 

Increase productivity among HR teams.

Recruiting and hiring a candidate is never easy. Each open position requires both effort and time to recruit and to follow up with applicants. Before the pandemic, on average from start to finish, it typically took a hiring team 28 days to recruit an open position. Since the pandemic has left many individuals actively seeking a job, it has not only increased the candidate pool but also extended the length of the hiring process. 

Robert Half, a recruiting agency, found that 54% of HR departments report losing a qualified job candidate to another opportunity because their in-house hiring process was too lengthy. When your organization incorporates background checks at the beginning,  it allows for qualified candidates to be at the forefront of your hiring process. Forbes recommends some of these technologies to speed up the hiring process

  • Pre-screening 
  • Employee background checks 
  • Reference checks 

Human Resource departments are swamped with seemingly endless hiring and managing tasks. The influx of resumes they receive daily does little to relieve the constant flow of workload that piles on daily. Background screening technology can relieve some of this burden and allow for more efficient hiring practices. 


Certn was created with the intention of making hiring teams more efficient and effective at their work. We provide various background check services that can help you make better-informed decisions, get to know potential employees on a deeper level, and save time in the process. Our products are designed for organizations that are looking for candidates that truly fit their culture and can be an asset to their team on a long-term basis. With the help of Certn’s background checks, your hiring team can get to know potential employees on a deeper level and make more informed hiring decisions faster. 

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