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The Global Solution to Remote Hiring - OneID™

September 16th, 2020

Blog, Identity Verification, ID

2 min read


In recent months we, as a society, have learned the values of being able to do almost everything from the comfort of our own homes. Whether it be having groceries delivered or working remotely, processes that usually required you to leave the house have now become unnecessary. This value has also been thrust into the recruitment process for many companies around the world and Certn has been there to help.

Many background check providers still have a manual process for verifying IDs - which in times like these, can really slow down the hiring process. Video interviewing has become the norm through companies such as Vidcruiter and now Certn has made the background check process virtual too.

How, you ask?

Well, Identity Verification was always the sticking point for background check companies. Around 2010, the credit bureaus started offering their Electronic Identity Verification (EID) services, which were connected with the RCMP and others as a valid form of ID verification. This system works by matching the information provided by a person with the information on their credit file and then asking them a series of multiple-choice questions based on their credit history. If these questions are answered successfully, the candidates’ ID is verified and their criminal record check request is submitted to the RCMP. A percentage of candidates who complete EID will not pass for a number of reasons. Traditionally this required a visit to Canada Post or the Hiring Manager to have their ID verified in person.

Both of these options can be a huge inconvenience for candidates and businesses because of the increased time to complete a check and the effort on behalf of the candidate. For companies that hire remote workers, it may be impossible to have the candidate come into the office, and Canada Post isn’t always prepared to verify an ID. Their operational hours might also be challenging for candidates who are working normal business hours.

There is now a compliant alternative for anyone who is unable to complete Electronic ID Verification. A solution that incorporates live video, facial recognition, credit bureau data and connections with issuers of identity to create the most accurate, comprehensive ID verification solution on the market. We call it OneID™ and it’s only offered by Certn and background screening companies that partner with Certn to perform Criminal Record Checks on their behalf. 


OneID™ allows candidates to easily authenticate their ID from anywhere using any internet-enabled device. Within seconds, a person with a valid government-issued ID can have their ID-verified. The service is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and can literally be completed from the candidates’ car, the job site or the comfort of their own home.

Certn’s OneID™ process is used across the country in a variety of different use cases, from Criminal Record Checks to banking and insurance. Our service adheres to compliance requirements for Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance set out by FINTRAC, and has been approved by police and governments in over 100 countries.

In today’s world, employers, the gig economy, and staffing agencies can’t be slowed down by a painful ID verification process. Join the thousands of businesses around the world that have partnered with Certn for a faster, friendlier and more comprehensive background screening process. Book your demo today!



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