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Meet Our New Certn Characters, Magnus, Ollie and Rosa!

September 22nd, 2021


2 min read

Our characters tell our Certn story, the values we represent and how we amplify our brand identity. When we set out to create our characters, we wanted to take a design approach that was consistent with our values, mission and vision. We wanted to emphasize that we are a company made of real people. 

Our three characters: Magnus, Ollie and Rosa, connect with people through their unique personalities and expressions. We have a story to tell at Certn and together our characters help show people what that story is.

What's with all the characters?

Group shot of Certn Characters

Each of our characters was designed with qualities of trust in mind, from their physical appearance to their personalities and roles. We strive to be uniquely Certn. Mascots and illustrations may be found in the tech industry, however, we want to show you some of our own unique brand personalities through our characters. Magnus, Ollie and Rosa each have their own specific job and purpose that embraces our brand as a whole.

How did we bring our characters to life?

Laetro helped us bring our Characters together, after a lot of thought, design work and detail, we came up with our three characters. We worked with many talented artists to build our characters and we are proud to be able to show you who they are. 

Meet Magnus - The Calm and Helpful Guide. 


Magnus, with the personality of a strong, brave and helpful bear, is known as our mascot for our founding brand, Certn. A powerful sage guide, in his prime. The protector of the background check realm. He’s big but thoughtful, in control but empathic. He seeks truth and builds trust with everyone in the forest and he especially loves and cares for our other characters. 

Magnus carries a staff that resembles the key to the forest. The staff may shine a light on things (such as a background check). It definitely is not a cane that he’d need to move around because he’s in his prime. 

Meet Ollie - Our Agile Multitasker. 


Ollie’s personality resembles a character that is reliable, innovative, approachable and versatile. He is the mascot for our Certn Lime platform. Ollie is a fast, small and mighty, agile messenger.

He can get all the things done by himself, just like a small business owner. Ollie not only moves through space with grace but also has a jetpack that helps accelerate the process. 

Meet Rosa - The Swift Messenger 


Rosa, our mascot for the MyCRC platform is our whiskey jack. Rosa is agile, friendly, and most importantly, understanding. Rosa the Whiskey Jack represents freedom. The freedom to go anywhere and get any job. Rosa gives a blue sky of possibilities.

With the power of Certn under her belt, she can zip around anywhere, at any time. She has a backpack with many pockets for her many tools. This backpack is also used to hold reports, which she quickly delivers to those in need. 

Our characters make a trusted team. 

Our Certn characters each have their own set of unique traits which complement each other just like our brands do (Certn, Certn Lime, and MyCRC).

As you may have seen in our previous blog, “Beyond Risk: At Certn, It’s All About Tech, Trust and Truth”, we describe how the three T’s vocalize our brand. Magnus, Ollie and Rosa is one way we illustrate how our brand aligns with Tech, Trust and Truth.

We are proud to introduce our characters to the world. Keep a lookout for Magnus, Ollie and Rosa, as you might be seeing them around more often. 

Who is your favourite character? 

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