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Background Check Solution for Associations & Non Profits

September 16th, 2020

Associations, Not For Profit

2 min read

Our background checks and other human resources services are primarily geared toward companies and their constant pursuit of excellent employees. However, we are very much aware that our services can assist Associations and Not-For-Profits in their own search for employees and new members. 


We understand that  these organizations need a simple process that's affordable (or free) so that they can focus on projects that would better benefit from their time, expertise, and funds. In most cases, they simply don’t have the resources to spare.

This is the vision behind the launch of our new background check solution specifically designed for Associations and Not-For-Profits. Our mission is to Partner with the world's best Associations and Not-For-Profits to help them focus on their mission, not on screening. Hence, If you’re an Association or Not-For-Profit, know that Certn is here to support you and be a true partner. 

But why does a non-profit organization need pre-employment screening services?

Just like companies, Not-For-Profits need the best people in their organization. They need candidates who not only share their heart and mission, but who have the skills and expertise required to turn their ideas and programs into a reality for the benefit of their community. They don't need a bad apple to spoil their reputation or put their organization in jeopardy.


Aside from that, they also need team players. People who can uplift their colleagues and not pull them down. Frankly speaking, the best way to find these people is through a solid screening program. And that's where we come in. We seek to assist in not just in hiring the right people, but also in preventing you from engaging with the wrong volunteers, contractors and partners.

If one bad hire can ruin a company's overall productivity and reputation, we can't stress how much worse the consequences are for a non-profits- that serve and touch peoples’ lives everyday.

So, if you think our services are for you, here’s a quick rundown of our new program’s benefits:

It’s free. 10

As an Association and Not-For-Profit, we want you to focus your resources on achieving your mission critical, which is why we’re only requiring a $25 fee paid by the candidate, instead of paying for our services as a company. 

You could handle these costs as an Association, but by letting your candidates pay this nominal fee, you will be able to enjoy unlimited checks at no cost to your organization and benefit from an easy, streamlined process.

It’s white-labeled.

Your brand is important to you since it represents your association’s vision and stakeholder trust. Hence, we are going to provide you with your own background check dashboard online, with your own colors and logo, at no additional cost.

Copy of White Labelled Template

It’s convenient.

Your candidates will be able to enjoy the same online convenience of our background checks. In fact, allow us to give you the peace of mind that your candidates will be able to perform their application process without being exposed to health risks and other safety hazards since our services can be accessed in the comfort and safety of one’s own home.


It’s fast.

You can take this step for your Association right now. You only need to confirm and provide us with your consent online or over the phone. It will take you no more than 2 minutes. 

As for the background check itself, our average turnaround time on our police checks (CPIC, PIP etc.) is less than 15 minutes. Our company takes pride in providing the fastest, most accurate police checks around the world.


Who’s eligible?

 Now that we have listed the benefits, you’re probably wondering who can avail of this program. Well, as long as you’re an Association or a Not-For-Profit, you are certainly eligible. Allow us to share your burden and do our part in the greater cause. Sports associations, industry associations, real-estate associations, camps, charities, not for profits and more can all benefit from Certn.


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Certn is an industry leader when it comes to providing pre-employment screening services. What we offer are holistic, global, and comprehensive background checks that will benefit any company or organization, and with our new program, this extends to your association at no cost. Feel free to schedule an appointment today. 

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