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OneID Provides Best Candidate Experience With AI In 2021

Back in 2019, 1 in 3 identity theft victims said they experienced difficulties at their place of employment. It’s no surprise that the current surge in remote hiring has led to an increase in identity theft issues. To combat this issue and ensure your employees are whom they say they are, we strongly recommend Employment Verification. It’s no longer a cumbersome process that impedes fast hiring in a  competitive candidate-first market. To help onboard trustworthy employees, we built OneID in 2018, a seamless ID verification feature that leverages artificial intelligence and lets candidates easily verify their identity on any device of their choice.

Today, we are excited to announce additional enhancements to OneID, making identity verification a faster, more seamless experience.

Simple and Seamless ID Verification for Candidates:

Gone are days where candidates had to be physically present at a post office or police station to verify their identity. No matter what device they use, they can complete the application process either on their laptop equipped with a camera or on their mobile device. Our OneID technology extracts the data on the candidate's government-issued ID card and automatically matches the data and the selfie. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how OneID works:

  • No more trips to the police station or post office
  • Mobile-first experience. Candidates start the process via a QR code or a text message
  • All that is needed is a selfie and a picture of the candidates government-issued ID card

How OneID Beats Knowledge-Based Authentication

Unlike the traditional ID verification method - Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), which is based on candidates’ answers to personal identifying questions - OneID utilizes machine learning and facial recognition for more accurate and reliable results. Companies are shifting away from KBA as it has been challenging to verify new workers, new residents, or international workers who don’t have established credit and other histories. 

In addition, identity fraud crimes are easier to commit due to the publicly available personal information on social media platforms. AI and machine learning, along with emerging mobile technology have extensively evolved identity verification. Products like OneID provide faster and more accurate results, and also improve the candidates’ experience dramatically.

Digital-identity-verification-OneIDInstant and Accurate Results for Fast and Safe hiring

Say goodbye to administrative tasks and errors from manually adding information. You just need to provide the candidates’ email addresses. Customers who have integrated Certn with their applicant tracking system (ATS) can automatically email the screening request to their candidates.

Here’s our exciting update on OneID: OneID now covers more than 500 ID types from more than 60 countries to extract data and match information. The OneID’s advanced face recognition smoothly detects and matches the image on the ID card and the selfie with minimum failure caused by low-quality images. The process is also optimized for candidates to complete the verification on their phones for higher-quality images. Our dedicated support team is always available to ensure the verification successfully completed.

  • Real-time face recognition and deep machine learning to extract and match data
  • Get results in seconds and hire ASAP
  • More than 500 ID types from more than 60 countries are covered
  • Included in API customers and Certn’s integrations  
  • Dedicated support team via live chat, email and phone
  • CCPA and GDPR compliant and SOC2 and SOC3 certified

Seamlessly verify your candidates’ identity and hire with confidence and trust!

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