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Certn & Vanta Partner for Mutual Success

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Companies looking to complete a SOC 2 report face a unique set of challenges including high-velocity background checks because they can often be an afterthought. These companies are concerned about security but the traditional background screening processes can be slow, expensive and cause a delay in the completion of a SOC 2 report. Vanta has built software that streamlines and automates much of the SOC 2 readiness and remediation process. The challenge Vanta faced was that other background check providers quickly became a bottleneck in their SOC 2 processand that the costs of other providers were very high and these providers offered limited support.

After much frustration with even the “most tech-forward” background check provider in America, the team at Vanta found Certn. Within a matter of minutes, the team at Vanta was able to set up their clients, integrate Certn into their own process. Moving to Certn proved much easier than Vanta anticipated and the company began running checks within one week. Eric Martin of Vanta describes the transition, “Certn was able to set us up in minutes with background checks around the work. They worked with us to develop a solution that puts our business first. This helps us provide a fast, thorough process to our clients, and help their bottom line by offer checks for less than half of the price of our former provider.” 

Before the implementation, Vanta conducted an evaluation process that included a side-by-side comparison of Certn’s global screening solution with its previous vendor. Certn was able to:

  • Reduce turnaround time by 90%+. 
  • Reduce costs by 50% saving their customers more than $200,000 per year. 
  • Close compliance gaps that left Vanta’s clients at legal risk
  • Improve clients’ onboarding process for new employees to help keep them SOC 2 compliant
  • Allow for fast, thorough background checks worldwide instead of just the US or Canada.
  • Provide an easy to use API


The choice was easy: Certn made the process easier for Vanta and their clients, saved everyone time, all at a lower cost without sacrificing compliance. 



Hiring in high data security environments requires comprehensive background checks that are integrated with a SOC 2 process to save everyone time and improve the compliance process. A company can’t risk bringing people in their door before the background check is complete, give them access to sensitive data, and then find out that the candidate didn’t pass the check. There also can’t be a delay in hiring due to a check taking weeks to return the results. Vanta needed a partner in their process who could provide their clients with a system to immediately reduce time-to-hire, save them money and time, and enable the ability to have reports sit right within Vanta. 


 We recommend that everyone look to get a SOC 2 report and if you do, we encourage you to go take a look at what Vanta has built. Go to and request a demo or email directly.