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The Background Check Process



Background checks can be known as inconvenient. The long waits, the pointless trips to the RCMP station to complete your Criminal Record Check, etc. The hassle of getting a background check can be a determining factor if the candidate will complete the job application or not. It is proven that candidates will stop filling out their application if they get to a point of frustration. Industry studies have shown that 50% of employers have lost candidates due to a crappy background check experience. However, a great experience can give an employer a competitive edge and provide a positive first experience for a new employee.


Why are background checks important?


Background checks are an imperative pre-employment screening step before making a hiring decision. Hiring is expected to become more competitive in the next 12 months for 74% of recruiters. Certain fields are in high demand. For example, more than 5 million jobs in information technology are expected to be added globally by 2027

96% of employers conduct at least one type of background screening. Hiring the wrong employee can cost upward of 24 times the individual’s annual salary, once expenses associated with hiring, compensation, lost business opportunities and severance are factored in. It avoids liabilities to the employer highlighting all criminal history, and criminal acts. Criminal record checks provide a safe environment in the workplace. As a candidate, you feel more welcome when you know that every employee must conduct a background check before being hired.

Along with the criminal, commercial, and credit checks, a leader in the background check industry will also have ID verification. Verifying employment and education will allow you to confirm job competency, and how much the starting pay will be.


The Candidate

The candidate’s experience is very important when going through the hiring process. From pre-application to the interview, to the onboarding process. With the highly competitive market of hiring, the experience of the candidate is everything. If they are hired or not, it is the process that will determine if they will use the employer’s platform again or not. If the candidate’s experience is not strong they will end up backing out of the job application, and the employer might have just lost top talent.

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How to choose a background check company?


1. Comprehensive - Is It Easy To Use

Can you complete the necessary forms, and questions on a mobile device and your laptop? Most job seekers are on their phones, so is your system compatible and user friendly. Candidates are usually applying for multiple jobs, so is the interface quick and easy to use, and does it only take minutes to complete. If this is the case you will see a higher number of successful candidates applying for jobs more frequently. Along with being easy to use, does the client have a full understanding of the steps throughout the process.

2. 100% Satisfaction Rate

Hire with more confidence, stay compliant with the latest screening regulations, and create a safe and more diverse working environment — all while being more productive in your recruiting efforts and creating a more seamless and transparent application process for your candidates. Talk about staying ahead of your employer’s competition.

As an employer, you do not want to waste your candidate’s time or waste your money. Ensuring that the employer receives all the necessary information on the background check. 100% satisfactory means, you receive exactly what you ask for. With an accurate screening process, background check companies should be able to provide accuracy and efficiency, within a proper time limit.



3. Are they Fast, and Responsive

In todays competitive hiring sector, employers are looking to get a competitive advantage in anyway possible. As an employer you need results fast, in a form that is easy to analyze. The faster, and more accurate you receive the reports, the more you can hire. 1 of 3 businesses will be sued this year over an employment issue, which confirms how important the on-boarding process is. If the employer has questions, the background check company must be ready to answer those questions. Hiring faster, and more accurate will grow your business as you are hiring top talent.


Benefits of going with the best background check provider




Background checks ultimately tell you if someone will be a safe hire for your organization, but how you look into their personal records is key. To ensure that you follow all applicable screening laws, you’ll want to use a top employment background screening provider that’s compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Otherwise, a candidate could sue you for not getting hired, or you could be fined by a government agency like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The more accurate the company can be during their checks, will only serve their customers better as a whole. With less open support tickets, and focusing on doing it right the first time.

Guaranteeing a 100% satisfactory rate should be a staple across the background checks companies.

With fast, friendly and comprehensive help, your candidates will be happy. By taking care of the candidates now, will only grow your company in the future.